Existential vacuum


Feeling useful is something that we all need for the harmony of our mental and physical state. The belief that our work or our activities make difference to people, despite our limitations, is necessary for the maintenance of our internal stability. The mismatch occurs when we don’t recognize really useful and when we realize that we’re wasting our time with occupations that could be made by anyone else in the world. That is to say, when we feel that the usefulness of what we do is more like a theater that justifies people that we are important but don´t bring us the same intimate conviction about ourselves. We feel suffocated pain in the chest, sometimes transmuted into existential emptiness, when we have to justify positions that don’t match what we truly believe. We cry when we are required to wear masks to achieve goals that don’t satisfy us fully, at least not the way as directed by the society in which we live.

Drop everything and live like a nomad?

Those really searching for himself have no fear of hard work, determination and discipline required to be held. Although nothing wrong with those who need to get past this “zen” moment, in this incessant search for himself. What we need outline is that the matter is very serious, not absorbed for countless people, leaving each of us a certain existential vacuum, which can collapse to depression.

Not feel useful, important within the professional commitment we have assumed, given the intrinsic peculiarities to each human being, and only work for the money you earn at the end of the month, and even indifferent if this is shallow or substantial, causes the sensation of being sold at what we possess of more beautiful, more genuine. Feeling sold in our most precious talents, out of focus in what really brings us satisfaction and motivation in life. All to be able to survive, paying the rent at the end of the month (facing considerable financial difficulties), or maintaining the high standard of living that we believe essential to our happiness. Feeling sold makes not aligned our close balance with our internal clock and, with it, many times, the body shows us some symptoms. Appears in our physical body what our mental body failed to understand or balance. Therefore if we experience existential emptiness, peer into the cause of this occurrence and seek to modify reality. If we let the snowball increase, the avalanche catch us and perhaps we barely won´t be able to get out of bed, victimizing us with our own depressing thoughts. We have to get help at the beginning of our internal pain, when we still have force to scream for help. Not hopefully people guess what our inner problems. We cannot forget that, for higher our pain, we still use the social masks even to the most intimate. And they also have their pain. Who don’t have them?

We must express who loves us the pain that is not apparent. We must understand the invisible pain who asks us for help, albeit in indirect way. We must not underestimate the pain of the soul. It also needs to be treated.

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