Stolen Rose


To the Maternity lost



How many kisses,

How many hugs,

How many sentences like “I love you” were stolen over the years?

How many smiles, how many motivations, how many looks of love

Were lost with the time that not come back

How many joys that were expecting a “after” that never came and never will come

Because passed the time, passed the magic, passed the innocence, passed the vibration.

Joy was replaced by blind duty.

The duty of nothing, which leaves what is really important for what we believe to be important.

We close our eyes simply.

We close our eyes to the incessant demands of tight hugs,

We close our eyes to the constant requests by our company.

We close our eyes to the tantrums that have by reason the absence of our presence.

But we must not lose time.

We’re late.

And when get there in front, right there in front,

And we look back,

We will find the time, this turn, has passed away and won´t be back.

And that what we believed to be essential, after all, was not so important as we thought.


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