Free yourself from what makes you bad


Also have the courage to accept what will bring you happiness, even if it is against a society that speeds with no brakes.


What makes you bad? The stifling job? The humiliating internship? The obsessive boyfriend? Or, the absence of a social position or a husband to grant to you the honor of a family name?

Free yourself!

You cannot go through life, waiting your turn to be happy.

Life is now and, even though it might not be the only one, it is, certainly, the one that brings you the closest to the Creator.

What makes you bad is sometimes so overwhelming that we no longer know what hurts, why hurts …

Seek it on yourself and you shall find it.

Being able to find the pain, the next step will be to find the cause.

Finding the cause, you got to change your reality. Have the courage needed to say “no” to what makes you bad. Also have the courage to accept what will bring you happiness, even if it is against a society that speeds without brakes.

Trust your potential, because surely God gave a talent in each men and women. Find yours! Listen to the signals. No doubt they were shown to you over the years, but the torpid vision by virtual reality (read up the material world) would not let us intuit what we needed to let go.

If you sacrifice yourself for someone in the name of love and duty, you got to recognize in your dedication the strength of divine power in action. Rejoice on that. Few are those who can sacrifice their talents for the well-being of the others. Continue the work, sure of victory.

On the other hand, if you can do the work more smoothly, without thereby harming anyone, change your route. Remove weight. Live light and without guilt, relying on your potential.

Once two poor brothers toss a coin for “heads or tails” for deciding which one of them would study arts and which one would work in a coal mine to afford the other’s tuition. Years after the decision, it came to the world one of the most beautiful artworks the world has known, the painting “Hands that pray.” On this paint, the Renaissance painter Albrecht Durer illustrated the callused hands of his brother, who remained working underground in a coal mine, while his beloved brother became one of the greatest painters of all times, thanks also to his efforts and selflessness.

There is, moreover, the true story of Joseph, John, Mary and Carla, who have not seen their children grow, not realizing the time passing and remaining seated at their office desks, with a mouthful of teeth, waiting for death to pass by (as had said in a way a little different the ever wistful Raul Seixas).

Shall you have the wisdom to distinguish the situation in which you find yourself in, freeing yourself up, ultimately from what makes you bad.


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