To my darling grandmother Emilia, whom one day I didn’t understand


If you hold me and I don’t recognize you,

It’s okay,

Embrace me anyway,

Because I am able to feel the energy of love to get involved.

If you talk to me and I don’t understand what you say,

It’s okay,

Talk anyway,

Because your expression will be able to show me that I have your attention and your companionship.

If you see me having behaviors that, in public, I never would have before,

Don’t be ashamed,

Nor scorn.

It is just my unconscious freeing of barriers of matter.

If I may seem aloof and distant,

Make no mistake, my son, I’m close, really close, crying out for your care.

If my suffering saddens or troubles you,

No, don’t pity nor wish my death,

It is my spirit that perfect, each day and at the time of the Lord, a remarkable leap that few can get.

If my appearance will cause repulsion,

Kiss me anyway,

Stroke my hair,

Your affection is a Salve to my spirit so needy for your love.

When you see my body already faded, ready for the final goodbye,

Oh, at this moment, only at this moment, make sure I already gone

Find the Father in higher spheres.

Before that, however, don’t deny me your love.

I was in hard proof, needing your help, your understanding, fully delivered to your free will, but with the strong expectation that you would be able to protect me.

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